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VR & Co. Release Form

I hereby certify that I assume all risks of participation in all activities carried out at VR & Co., such as, by way of example and not limitation, any risk that may result from the negligence of persons or entities, dangerous equipment or goods or defective that they own, maintain or control.

I CERTIFY that I am in good physical condition, that I am sufficiently prepared or trained to participate in this activity and that no qualified health professional has advised me not to participate.

I CERTIFY that there is no reason or health problem that prevents me from participating in this activity.

I acknowledge that this disclaimer may be used by the organizers of the activity in which I may participate and that it will govern my actions and responsibilities during said activity.

I make the following commitments:

(1) I RELEASE FROM ALL LIABILITY, including but not limited to liability for negligence that may result in injury, bodily harm, theft or action of any kind, the VR & Co. company and its officers, employees, volunteers, representatives and agents, as well as event organizers, sponsors and volunteers.

(2) I AGREE NOT TO LEGALLY SUE ANY PERSON OR ENTITY MENTIONED IN THIS PARAGRAPH FOR ANY LIABILITY OR CLAIM ARISING FROM PARTICIPATION IN THIS ACTIVITY, WHETHER CAUSED IN NEGLIGENCE OR NOT. I acknowledge that VR & Co. and its officers, employees, volunteers and representatives ARE NOT responsible for the errors, omissions, actions or failures of anyone conducting any specific activity on their behalf.

I will not use virtual reality equipment if:

(1) I have any contagious disease, skin disease and open wounds on face or hands

(2) I am under the influence of alcohol or drugs

(3) If I have epilepsy, unless the practice of virtual reality that is safe for me has been validated by the doctor who is checking me  

By using the material and experiences offered at VR & Co., I authorize VR & Co. to use and publish photos of my experience under the condition that I am not recognizable. I acknowledge that the presence of a virtual reality headset on my face is sufficient to fulfill this condition.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

J'accepte les conditions de service listées plus haut
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