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Team Buildings in Virtual Reality






Competitive spirit

Competitive spirit

Team buildings in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality unlocks almost unlimited options to organize team building events. Our experience combined with a catalogue of VR experience continuously updated will get you exactly the type of event you need.


Whether it's in our location in the center of Paris or directly at your location, with or without catering, we will adapt to your needs to ensure that you enjoy the best of time with us.

Example of team building:

1. 9h00: Welcoming of the group and briefing, with specialy coffee and cookies to wake up everybody. 

2. 09h45 Teams are created and we install each of the participants in their dedicated box. Everybody meets back in the virtual environment.

4. 10h00 Start of the game, escape game on Mars to save lost data, virtual paintball or collaborative defense of an elven village against orcs and dragons...

5. 11h30 End of session, debriefing 

6. 12h00 Pictures and lunch

Example of procedure:  

1. 9:00 a.m.:  Welcome of participants and briefing, with a coffee / cakes to wake up  everyone (possibility to use our projector for an internal presentation)

2. 09:45 Creation of teams and distribution  participants in their 9m2 area. Everyone meets  in the virtual environment

4. 10:00 a.m. Launch of the session, collaborate to get out of the lost pyramid, face your fear of heights, challenge yourself by team in paintball or virtual laser game...

5. 11:30 a.m.  End of the session, debriefing

6. 12:00 p.m. Souvenir photos and catering (according to options)

" An excellent time spent at VR & Co: for team building with colleagues, we were able to share VR game sessions as a team, whether in confrontation or in cooperation. The team that runs the place was very warm and friendly , and offers a very friendly little coffee corner. It was a great afternoon!"

"The equipment is good, the price is very correct, the tenants are really nice and involved (advice, hygiene, etc.), the drinks/catering are a notch above the level of what one can wish for in a salon of VR (so very good in short)"


Contact us

49 boulevard Saint-Michel

75,005 Paris


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The questions we ask ourselves about a Team Building or a Virtual Reality (VR) event

How much does it cost ?

The rates vary according to the number of people (from 8 to 50 at VR & Co.) but it is typically necessary to count from 50 to 70€ per person to which can be added catering options, photo / video sessions, magic stand or others . The best thing is to contact us so that we can make a program together that suits your needs and your budget;) ​

How many people maximum? And at least?

It varies from room to room. At VR & Co., we prefer to limit to 50 people at the same time to ensure enough space for people to be able to pleasantly combine virtual reality spaces, buffet / drink corners and leave places for people to chat and network. Conversely, with less than 8 people, it is obviously possible but we do not recommend that you privatize the whole room, it risks being too expensive without enormous interest for you

How long should you expect  ?

We recommend at least 2 hours for groups larger than 11, or even 3 hours when you are approaching 50. The idea during an event / team building in VR, will be to combine different activities, and different stands. For example, we often organize discovery workshops, where the experiences follow one another quickly (game in rhythm on a song, experience above the void) and in parallel workshops with several people where the players will stay longer (paintball type, tower defense ) but which can give rise to mini-tournaments if the number allows it


If we are 50, what about those who don't play? Won't they be bored?

No, clearly not! This is the strength of VR, we have 2 projectors and screens in front of each station, so the spectators see everything the players are going through, and their reaction in real life, and believe us, the show generally generates at least as many interest than the VR attraction itself. It is also what raises the "hype" and makes everyone want to try, guaranteed success!

You organize the buffet if necessary  ?

Yes ! Do not hesitate to ask us what you would like to have. We work with a caterer from the region who has satisfied the most demanding customers! We have several basic formulas, but if you want a particular program, we will put you in touch directly with them, we have done this on end-of-year events (with foie gras, champagne, etc.) and that works perfectly. Either way, we take care of the logistics, service and installation.+

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