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House of Fear - Virtual Reality Escape Game

The House of Fear. The night. An abandoned, dilapidated cabin in the woods. Cobwebs in the corners, dust on the floor, dilapidated furniture and...not a living soul. From what we can see, the house has been abandoned for a long time, but is that really the case? You try to understand what is going on here, but you have only one certainty: this house will not allow you to get out of it so easily. Looking around you see that the doors and windows are closed, there is no electricity, and the flicker of the candle is barely enough to light up the cluttered room. You realize with horror that you are caught in a trap. The silhouette of a person appears intermittently in the dim candlelight... Or was it an illusion of light? Are you ready to conquer your fears and delve into the secrets of this gloomy place?

Recommended for


1 - 4 people
Escape game, Adventure, Enigma
40 minutes


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