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FAQ: About Virtual Reality

You will get motion sickness

It can happen, if you use low-quality headsets or if you are sensitive ot it and choose a deplacement mode with the joystick. At VR & Co., we will get you the latest hardware and adapt the deplacement mode to yoru tolerance

I can't, I have glasses

No problem, all our headsets can be adjusted to account for glasses. You will be able to keep them and enjoy your VR session like anybody else.

I am too young

Indeed, not all experiences are adapted to kids,and duration also needs to be adjusted for the youngest. For most of our experiences, you need to be 13 or older.

I am not into video games

No problem, we have a catalogue  that covers all type of experience, from exploring the depth of oceans to google earth and escape game. No need to be gamer to enjoy VR

What about hygiene ?

We take it very seriously. Both headsets and handsets are disinfected after each session and cleansed in depth every day.

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