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 Organize a birthday in Virtual Reality  
 at VR & Co. 


From 10 to 80 years old ;)

Up to 12 persons

Different options, from 1h to 2h30 (with cake and softs)

For different budgets !


3 month plan

  • 6 sessions, and it pays off

  • Unlimited access to the catalog for 3 months

  • Perfect for finishing our adventure experiences (Alyx, Arizona, Star Wars) or chaining team sessions



6 month plan

  • Exclusive access to the latest news

  • 6 months unlimited

  • A free drink at each session


VR Gaming eps 10.png

1 year plan

  • 1 year unlimited VR subscription

  • We add the games you want to play if we don't have them and if the licenses are available

  • Soft drinks offered during your sessions


The questions we ask ourselves about the Vr&Co subscription

Why ?

Because we want to please our regulars and we want to keep seeing them come back. As soon as you come twice a month or more, the sessions are profitable. In addition, we regularly add new  VR games,  the goal is for you to enjoy it!

How so  market ?

By purchasing the subscription, you will choose the start date of the subscription, it will be valid for the duration chosen from this date. You will need to enter a first and last name, our virtual reality subscriptions are nominative and can only be used by the person indicated. On the other hand, suddenly, it's easy to offer one, just put the name, first name and email of the person to whom you wish to make the gift.

After purchasing the subscription, you will receive a code valid for the duration of the subscription and which will allow you to book online on all our activities. Otherwise you can also call us, we will be happy to reserve your slots for you ;)

I can offer it?

Yes, subscriptions are nominative but you can fill in the name of the person to whom you wish to offer the subscription as well as their email and it is they who will receive the code which will allow them to book their sessions!

Limits on activities?

None, and even more, with the 6-month subscription, you are given access to the virtual reality game and escape game catalog that we are still testing (book a personalized session and we will present them to you on site) and with the one-year formula, we even add up to three VR games of your choice to the catalog, just for you!

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